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Dental crowns (porcelain crowns) and dental veneers


If it is not possible to fix the tooth or if you want to correct the teeth aesthetically, a dental crown (ceramic) is a good solution. 


What is a dental crown and what is it used for?


Dental crowns are increasingly being used as dentures for broken and extracted teeth, as well as for aesthetic purposes. Crowns are very similar to real teeth. 

The crown/tooth veneer is made of ceramic material (porcelain) and is cemented onto the tooth itself.


In which cases is it advisable to have a crown fitted:

  •   The tooth can no longer be repaired with a filling
  •   A tooth is broken or removed
  •   You would like to correct the appearance of one or more teeth


Porcelain crowns and veneers are also manufactured and installed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and design a beautiful smile. This is called cosmetic dentistry. In addition to crowns, the appearance of the teeth can also be corrected with dental veneers and a missing tooth can be replaced with a bridge or implant.

Our dental clinic also uses high-quality and precise 3D dental crowns of the Sirona Cerec 3D CAD/CAM system, which makes it possible to produce a crown for a tooth in about 1.5 hours. The rapidity of the procedure is also very important, which is appreciated by customers - the appearance of the tooth can be restored in just one visit.

We also offer implant crowns and removable dentures.


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