If there is inflammation at the tip of the tooth, or if the tooth has been left untreated, it can develop into inflammation of the root canal. Root tip treatment is particularly important for people with cardiovascular disease or artificial joints.

Good dental health affects the condition of the whole body. Root canal inflammation can be acute and painful, or chronic and painless, and can be detected by X-ray.

It's important to know that inflammation of the root tip needs treatment, whether it causes pain or not.


What is an inflammation of the root tip of the tooth

Inflammation of the root tip of the tooth occurs when the tooth root erodes and microbes penetrate through the apex of the tooth root into the tissues surrounding the tooth.

Acute root tip inflammation is characterized by severe pain, especially when eating or clenching the teeth. The pain can occur in one tooth or radiate to other teeth. Inflammation of the root tip can be accompanied by swollen gums and pus or abscess. Fever is also common.

Chronic inflammation of the root tip may progress without causing symptoms or may result in occasional pain. Chronic inflammation of the root tip is usually diagnosed with an X-ray, where the inflammation is clearly visible. A fistula may have formed on the gum, which occasionally exudes pus.

Keep your teeth healthy

As chronic periodontitis is not painful, it is important to visit your dentist regularly to detect and treat the inflammation quickly, before it starts to cause other symptoms.

At Kristina Kiisa Dental Clinic, we are focused on prevention of dental and gum disease, early diagnosis and high quality and professional dental care.

Our goal is for you to have healthy teeth. For best health, visit your dentist at least once a year and your hygienist every 6-8 months.

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