Gingivoplasty - Plastic surgery of the gums

Gingivoplasty is a procedure performed for both medical and aesthetic purposes.

Gingival plastic surgery makes it possible to correct and augment soft tissues. This includes bone grafting, which may be necessary before implants are placed.


In which cases is gum plastic surgery recommended?

The dentist will determine the necessity and treatment plan for gum bleaching at the scheduled visit. Gingival plastic surgery may be necessary if:
  • gums deformed as a result of periodontitis or periodontal disease

  • the size of the gums is too big or too small

  • existing soft tissues do not support implant placement

  • the gum contour is uneven.


Jaw adjustment and bone augmentation

Jaw correction may be necessary for implant placement or for aesthetic purposes. If there is a lack of volume in the upper or lower jaw, bone augmentation is an option.

For example, bone augmentation may be necessary when a tooth has been removed, the normal load on the jaw has been reduced and there has been a gradual receding of the jaw, which may result in a reduction in bone volume, both in height and width.

Bone augmentation is mainly needed:

  • to correct the volume of the upper or lower jaw prior to implant placement.

  • for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes to correct the shape of the jaw.


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