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To keep your teeth healthy, the most important thing is to visit your dentist regularly and take care of your oral hygiene. However, there are times when you may need to have a tooth extraction, for example if a tooth is inflamed or a wisdom tooth is starting to hurt. It's important to know that when it comes to tooth extraction, it can be done painlessly for the client. Once the tooth extraction has been done, it is possible to replace the tooth with an artificial tooth or implant.


The most common reasons for having a tooth extraction

Many dental problems can be treated and prevented if detected early. In some cases, however, treatment is not possible and tooth extraction is necessary. Most common reasons for tooth extraction are advanced cavities, inflammation of the gum or tooth root, a broken tooth, and the emergence of wisdom teeth that cause pain and pressure in the face and jaw.


What to expect when facing tooth extraction

Tooth extraction can seem scary at first, but today it is made as painless as possible for the client. All clients who come to us for the first time will first have a panoramic x-ray, which covers the entire lower face, jaw and teeth. If necessary, we will also take minor intra-oral x-rays. We will then set up a treatment plan.

Tooth extraction is done with local anaesthesia, which makes oral surgery very tolerable. After the procedure, you can use painkillers at home to aid recovery.

In addition to tooth extraction, we also carry out tooth restoration and the fitting of crowns and implants.

What is an oral surgery

Oral surgery is the part of dentistry that deals with diagnosing diseases and injuries of the mouth and teeth, extracting teeth and tooth roots, extracting or releasing impacted teeth from the gums, lip and tongue surgery, gum surgery, soft tissue surgery, root canal surgery, bone augmentation and implant placement.

At the oral surgery dental office, we do not treat trauma to the jaw, injuries, tumors, etc. For such problems, we recommend that you visit the facial and jaw surgery unit at PERH.

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